Provision and planning for the outdoor environment

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Lancashire Education Award

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Landscape architecture

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Early Years Foundation Stage: learning through playing outside

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Are teachers upbringing how to establish topnotch outdoor play and learning environments?.

Indoor and Outdoor Environment

Outdoor play provision - pupils from Year R now regularly attend the Nursery (following joint planning sessions) to ensure they have equal access to the outdoor play activities.

The development of Nursery outdoor space has given "middle managers" an opportunity to develop professionally.

Observation and Assessment Introduction • informed planning • informed understanding of a child’s current competence levels plans and, perhaps, changes to the environment, to improve provision.

Subse-quent observations will further inform, so the process is a continuing cycle.

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Outdoor Water Area Editable Continuous Provision Plan Reception FS2 (2 member reviews) A set of detailed continuous provision plans for your Reception/FS2 setting. Lavington Park Federation uses the rich resource of the outdoor environment to improve provision and engagement with pupils and learning.

The school focuses on strategies to use the local. In the EYFS the environment is described in terms of three aspects: The emotional environment, the outdoor environment, the indoor environment. These three aspects of the environment together make up the environment for play and learning in the EYFS.

Creating an enabling environment: Outdoors Introduction Outdoor provision must support inclusion and meet the needs of individuals, offering a diverse range of play- When planning any changes to your outdoor area, think about how you could incorporate a range of.

Indoor and Outdoor Environment Provision and planning for the outdoor environment
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Indoor and Outdoor Environment - Early Years Matters