Partnership working in schools

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Working with schools

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Make your next step the best step

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SWIFT Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation

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Supporting organisations

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We believe together we can transform education so that it benefits each and every student, their families, and ultimately the communities in which they live. Foyle Contested Spaces Partnership ".a legacy characterised by lasting and constructive relationships between the young people." Junior Minister Bell- read more about the partnership between the Foyle Contested Space schools.

Anchorage School District is Alaska's largest district, serving families in Anchorage, Eagle River and Girdwood.

Crosby Scholars Community Partnership helps students in public middle and high schools in Forsyth County prepare academically, personally, and financially for college admission and other post-secondary opportunities best suited to a student's needs, aptitudes and dreams.

Can you spare 1 hour a year to talk to students about your career?

Jun 20,  · It is estimated that around 20 per cent of secondary schools are now in some kind of partnership or federation, whether that be an academy chain, or a soft federation of local schools.

Partnership working in schools
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