High performance work systems

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High Performance Work Systems

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High-performance teams

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Implementing a High Performance Work System

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High Performance Work Practices (HPWPs) are employee management tactics that increase the productivity and profit of organizations. When these tactics are applied systematically and fairly throughout the organization over time, they increase employee engagement, support high performance and productivity, build customer trust and loyalty, and in turn, increase profits.

A high-performance work system unites the social and technical systems (people and technology) and aligns them with company strategy. It ensures that all the interrelated parts of HR are aligned with one another and with company goals.

research has been how High Performance Work Systems (HPWS) impact on the competitiveness and innovative capabilities of firms. The literature reveals a theoretical divergence between the Zuniversalistic [ perspective and others including the Zcontingency [.

In order to do so, this presentation and the work sheets provide an introduction to High Performance Work Systems (HPWS) and discuss their components from the “End of Fun” perspective. In the process it gives an overview of the most important aspects of HWPS.

What are High Performance Work Practices?

High performance work systems, sociotechnical systems work, positive roles for union leadership, partnership roles for managers, learning, diffusion, total quality management, and governance are topics that excite many of our students.

literature is high performance work systems (HPWS). HPWS refer to a system of aligned employment practices designed to affect both the ability and the motivation of employees that contribute to the attainment of organizational objectives (Huselid, ; Jiang, Lepak.

High performance work systems
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